If you have a glass bottle of wine in volume of 0.7 liters, a small ball of yarn, make this duo a good tandem.For 15 minutes, turn these items into a stylish vase for flowers.
Take PVA glue, dip the tip of the thread in it, attach to the top of the bottle.Enveloping bottle yarn positioning portion so that they lay as close as possible to each other.Near the bottom of the crockery make the last turn.This region is also the thread dip in glue, attach it to the glass.Vase made personally ready.
small transparent plastic bottle - is also the perfect base for a vase.The wrapping cellophane volume that remains after the purchase of equipment items also come in handy.Cut away rectangle whose width is equal to the diameter of the bottle in the thickest point.Its height is the same as the distance from t
he bottom of the bottle to her shoulders.
Attach a rectangle from the film to the bottle by wrapping it.The edges should embrace its pot and tightly contact with each other.Attach tape to tape a bowl air circles inside, wrapping it several times around the plastic bottle.
Pattern the makeshift vase unwanted CDs.To do this, turn one of them face down.Using a ruler, pencil, scissors big turn a circle in a square.Attach a line to the edges of the discs draw a pencil, cut off the excess, to get square.
Along its sides, stepping back 2 cm, draw a line the other four.Cut strips obtained.Each of them cut into squares, which is also the second side 2 cm.
Take the glue for the ceiling tiles.Apply a thin layer on the lower tier of the bottle, apply the first box.Press for 5 seconds on it to paste.So attach all the pieces of the first lower series.
second - Lay follows.Glue the first shiny tiles of the second row between the two squares of the first.According to this principle, attach all the shiny bits.
knife cut the top of the bottle, it is not needed.Glue the last top row of square sequins.Beautiful designer thing ready.
conventional glass jar, too, can be converted into a charming vase.Turn it upside down, stick to the bottom of the can double sided tape.Take a strip of cloth that covers the whole part, attach the tape.
next tier - lace.Then - again the cloth, then - the tape.When you reach the banks of the neck, put on his cloth, tie her thin braid, tying it in a bow.Item decorate homemade paper flowers, attach them to the surface of the fabric and glue.