to get everything you need for patchwork, you only have to visit two stores.Of course, if you already have a sewing machine.Products from patches can be sewn by hand, but it is a long and laborious process, and the seam even in very experienced skilled workers is not very nice.The store, which sells products for sewing, you'll find the fabric and thread and needles.
sewing machine is suitable either, as long as it was not too capricious and gave a good line.In this sense, the old machine even more convenient.
Buy at least two sets of needles - for hand and machine sewing.Needles, and in fact, and in another case it is nece
ssary to select the thickness of tissue, so it is better that they are always at hand.You will need another dressmaker pins with heads-balls.
As for the scissors, then you will need two kinds.Cutting is better to use conventional tailor's scissors.It is possible that you will have to unpick line, which need small scissors with pointed tips.For certain types of work may need braces scissors, so it is better if they, too, will be on hand.
very important point - the purchase of thread.Their choice depends on from what you sew patches.Cotton thread is almost universal material, they can not just staple cotton and woolen fabrics, but some types of mixed and synthetic.These threads provide the most smooth line.Furthermore, they almost do not get confused, which is especially important for novice needle women, just master the sewing machine.Synthetic fabrics can sew nylon and polyester threads.These threads are found in most stores.To better take silk, silk thread.
templates you need to thin hard cardboard.You will also need the most usual drawing tools - pencil or ruler.Instead of a pencil can take a pen.To cut pieces of sewing on the fabric, need tailor chalk, a piece of soap, white or colored pencil.You can also use a special washable marker (such often sold in the same place and the goods for sewing).Colored copy paper in this case worse, but if you are going to sew complex compositions, cutting some pieces need it.
As for the patches, in some stores of goods for crafts you can find ready to cut the pattern.But in principle, any suitable fabric pieces from which the fragments can tailor a desired shape.Some needlewoman buy in shops "second-hand" unpresentable things, made of a material of suitable quality, rip them and cut into shreds.In any case, before the work is necessary to wash the fabric to give it just shrink.At the same time you check the color fastness.