Prepare workplace.Scarf it's best to do in the wet felting technique, so you need to protect the surrounding area from the water.Cover the table or floor, in which you will roll, polyethylene.All of the items that may be damaged by moisture, carry out of the room: a drop for sure will fall outside of the film.
Select for wool scarf.Its amount depends on the intended length of the accessory.Take the wool two colors combined.At the same time, make sure that all the coils are the same brand.
can put wool scarf for the working surface.Make it a pattern of cells.To do this, first horizontally lay strands of the same color.Then, perpendicular to the first layer, lay another (the same col
or).Add two of the same perpendicular to each other layer (the more layers, the warmer and denser will scarf).Dampen the workpiece soapy water and process vibroshlifovalnoy machine.If this technique you do not, smooth wool soaked hands.The cloth should be solid, without disintegrating into separate fragments.
Take the second coat color.Divide it into strands and lay them net, breaking the base web on the same squares.You can also put only horizontal or vertical stripes, or any other simple pattern.Wet your hair with water and continue to process as before.New pieces should be firmly connected to the main blade (check as they grappled on the fly).When the pattern is securely attached, turn the scarf to the other side and repeat the pattern.
finished product rinse under cold shower.Wrinkle and press the scarf to make it more durable.Then scarf lay on a flat surface and wait until it is completely dry.After that, the scarf can be decorated with fringe (sew woolen threads edges of the product and secure the bundle), or embroidery pattern, stuffed in the technique of dry felting.