How to stand under the hot Felt

You will need:

- pieces of felt;

- scissors;

- needle and thread color felt;

- pins.

First of felt cut 11 pieces: two circles with a diameter of 15 centimeters of colored felt, a circle with a diameter of 13 centimeters of white felt and eight small triangular sector by about five centimeters.

in three sectors of the triangular cut a small triangular hole exactly in the middle figures.

Then put in front of a large-diameter circle on it - a circle of smaller diameter (white), and white - triangular sectors, placing them in a circle.All business sectors attach to the circle pins and carefully sew a simple needle and thread Basting stitch on the edge.

After this procedure put in front of the remaining felt circle without it - the re

sulting blank face up.Fasten parts together.

mugs Sew along the edge of a needle and thread color felt (you can take the white thread).

Trim the excess edges of the base (if required).

Stand in a hot lime slices ready.At the request can be made on the same equipment and other supports, such as, slices of grapefruit, lemon, orange and so on. E., Is only felt appropriate to use colors.

How to stand under the hot fabric and old disks

You will need:

- two discs;

- cotton fabric;

- sintepon;

- scissors;

- needle and thread;

- Bias binding length of about 30 centimeters;

- cord.Put

ahead and padding polyester fabric, put wheels on them and draw a pencil.Add the circles on each side of two centimeters and cut the workpiece.Thus fabricate four circles (two - from syntepon and two - from the tissue).

Lay out a circle of fabric face down, is not it - a circle of syntepon, then - the disc itself.On the edge of the cut out circles, route Basting stitch and pull it so that the disc was inside.In the same way do the second part of the stand.

Take oblique Bakey (you can use any tape) and obsheyte its cord.

Fold together two foundations stand and carefully sew it to the cord, trying to sew it so that all the parts hold together well with each other.

stand ready.