you need
  • Hook №3, wool blend yarn of any color
Take meter tape and measure the circumference of the baby's head.Dial a chain of air loops, based on data on the circumference of the head.And three centimeters tie the rubber band: 1st -stolbiki with nakida;2 row - three air loops rise, a column with a raised front nakida, bar with nakida again face a relief column with nakida (so repeat until the end of the series);3rd row - three air loops rise, a column with an embossed backing nakida, bar with nakida, again backing the relief column with nakida (repeat until the end of the series).If necessary, repeat the second and third rows.
Then knit as follows: three air loops rise, a numbe
r of columns with nakida.Overturn knitting, and again three air lift loop and a number of columns with nakida.Knit way to the desired height.Its determine periodically measuring with cloth on the child.
When the knitting is just above the top of the kids, pull the top of the cap.Run back seam.
the crown can be decorated with a pompon.Make it so: cardboard cut out two circles of such diameter, a size pom-pom you want.If large, the following must be large.If a small, correspondingly small.
Fold the circles together and wrap them tightly thread.Then, cut the thread at the edge of the circle, push the little circles and quickly tie up a thread in the middle.Remove the wheels and pull the strings even tighter in the middle.Ready to mow a little pompom, because it can stick the extra thread.Sew the pompom to the child's cap.
If desired, you can knit different colors in any pattern or just make a striped hat.
How to tie a hook cap