you need
  • - tissue;
  • - thread;
  • - paper or newspaper;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors;
  • - centimeter.
Apron - one of those things that have the power to create craftswomen without experience.No wonder this art teach girls the first lesson of economics in school.Those who missed them or rusty subtleties quickly remember.
Decide what will apron.There are several models of it.It can be simple, classic.Then the upper and lower part of the breast, rectangular or square.Make a little flirtatious and playful version.To do this, these parts need to carve and decorate the semicircular ruffles or lace.
first draw a simple pattern.Put the initial mark of tape to the left thigh.It stands on the side seam and a little goes toward the back.Keep the tape to the right.Stop at the same point.These two markers should
be arranged symmetrically.This is - the width of the product.
now set for mid-centimeter waist, just above the navel, lower it down to the desired length.Put the value of 2 on a detailed paper or a large sheet of paper.The bottom of the skirt a little rounded, cut out the pattern.
you can stop the pattern on a kitchen apron or even create his breast.From each shoulder aside the neck 5 cm extend these points down to her waist.From them start drawing breast apron.Its height - arbitrary, it usually closes the chest.Upstairs chamfer and this detail.
Transfer the patterns on the underside of the fabric.Cut a seam allowance of 0.7 mm, and the bottom hem on the breast and top of the cloth apron, leave 1 cm. If you want to decorate an apron ruffles, marked the beginning of a centimeter to the upper left panel of skip it down, right and up.Multiply the figure 1.5-2, depending on the desired fluffy ruffles.Vykroyte its share of 6 cm.
You can gather the frill on the thread or just attach to your place lays the same folds and thus complete your sides and bottom of the flag.Just measure and sew the sides and to the ruff top of the breast.
These seams close with the help of piping.It should be trimmed its sides and bottom of the flag, and the top side of the breast.From the main fabric, cut two identical parts - belt with straps, with which you will tie sewn apron.On the table lay the cloth wrong side up and the top of the apron, align them.By the middle of the intersection attach the center tape, sew it to the bottom side of the upper breast, and the lower - to the top of the cloth.Turn the workpiece.Second tape sew exactly the same, but on the front side parts.
Otgladte and Stitch along fold line from the junction with the main details of the right and left, stepping back from the edge of 3 mm.Cut out, fold in half and Sew strap.Sew it to the right and left upper part of the breast, passing through the head.