you need
  • - colored clay;
  • - board to work with clay;
  • - knife for working with clay;
  • - dry rag hand.
To sculpt plasticine dog, take a clay color and remove pieces of material brown, white and black colors.From brown clay break off of the circular motion of both hands roll the oval, it will be the body of the dog.
broken from the brown plasticine another piece, but smaller.Divide it into two parts and roll 2 bit elongated oval, a bit smaller than the other.This will be the head and muzzle the dog.Connect the pieces with each other, well primazyvaya fingertips.
Take a small portion of brown clay and roll out of it five identical small sausages.This blanks the legs and tail of the dog.
Now take the clay is white, break off small pieces of it.Roll them into balls and set aside.In the future, you will need i
t to create white spots on the face and body from plasticine dog.
Take two white balls, roll them into sausages, and then rasplyuschte to get more tabs for the figures.You can also roll and flatten the ears of brown clay, and then connect them with white, as are obtained two-color ears.
Now take the clay of the three required colors: brown, black and white.Roll of black clay for the nose of the dog, her eyes.White clay will need to create eyes and brown for the language.
Prilep on the muzzle of the animal eyes, nose and tongue.Next, connect the head and torso, primazyvaya in the joints of his fingertips.Secure and primazhte to the body of the dog four legs and a tail.
Decorate foot white spots.Using a special knife made on the paws claws.Dog of plasticine is ready!