you need
  • - clamp;
  • - line;
  • - Iris thread of different colors.
order to weave a simple braid, prepare the clamp, a ruler and a thread of different colors iris.Take three or four colors to braid turned stripes - for example, red, black, yellow and green.Cut 13 red threads, 12 black, 12 yellow and 12 green so that the length of the filaments was 70 cm.
The central opening berdyshka insert the red thread, and then to the right from the center hole Thread the six redyarns tucking them into the slots or openings in turn.To the left of the central thread and symmetrically Thread the six red threads.
Then insert the left and right of the two strands of black, yel
low thread the yarn six pieces left and right and finally the green thread, distinguishing between green and yellow colors of black threads.
Berdo turn to her with the side on which the thread is shorter than the other and align the ends.Tails thread tie into one common node.Secure the unit with a clamp so that it is securely fastened and motionless, and then carefully pull the thread and tie a knot at the other end.
Tie around your waist drawstring any pre-typing it into the space between the two parts of the threads, which will be more noticeable if you rascheshete berdyshkom thread.Insert space line and lift up the reed to have a new space in which to enter the thread-ducks (eg, black iris).
Grip the fingers of his left hand thread and pull it into the shed so that the tip of the left.Fasten the thread down the reed down.Now once again pull the weft thread to the new shed and re-raise the reed to lock the thread.
Continue weaving, changing the position of the loom, while the length of the tape reaches the desired.Always pull the weft thread to the side edges of the braid was smooth and flavorful.