To learn how to knit, you need to learn the basic types of loops and bindings.
set of loops.

Place the thread on the left hand.Two needles move together under the working thread extending from coil.Grab the thread with the index finger and draw a loop on the thumb.Release your finger from the loop and tighten the thread.So repeat the desired number of loops.A second needle gently pull.
Edge Loop.

first loop beginning of the series is necessary to remove the spoke neprovyazannoy.Last loop fit the basic type of knitting - facial or purl loops.
Facial loop.

Right needle move from left to right in the first loop on the left spoke.Grab the working thread and pull it through the loop.
purl loops.

Right needle enter into the l
oop on the left spoke through cutting edge, grab a working thread and pull it through the loop.

Direct nakida.The right-hand needle to draw from right to left under the working thread.

Reverse nakida.The right needle from the left to the right to bring themselves under the working thread.
Adding loops can be performed razymi ways:

1. From one loop knit some loops, alternating one face, the wrong one.

2. Bind a new loop of the gap between the existing ones.

3. After nakida +1 facial loop.
Openwork knitting.

For openwork on the right needle should be done nakida.It gets an extra loop which provyazyvaetsya according to the selected pattern.The next row knit nakida.On-site nakida a hole.If you need a hole, make 2 nakida, provyazyvaya one face, and another - a seamy loop.
Fixing loops of the last row.

hinges knit two together.The resulting insert a loop on the left needle and then knit 2 sts together.And so on until all the loops are not knit.