you need
  • - satin ribbon width of five centimeters of white and blue;
  • - scissors;
  • - candle;
  • - white beads;
  • - a piece of white cotton cloth;
  • - waterproof transparent glue.
white satin ribbon Cut into pieces the length of five centimeters (to be cut into 12 pieces).Take one piece, fold it in half diagonally, then take a blank in the left hand so that the fold is at the top and gently bend the side corners to the bottom corner.The resulting preform bend in half, then gently slices Opal items over a candle flame, glue the tab so that it does not fall apart.So do 11 more rounded white petals.
Take the blue ribbon and cut it into squares of five by five centimeters (just need to cut 30 detalek).Take one small square, fold it diagonally in half,
then fold again in half the workpiece (raw slices should be kept below).The result was an isosceles triangle, fold in half again blank, then Opal candle flame cuts and glue part.So take another sharp 29 "leaves."
from a piece of cotton cloth, cut a circle with a diameter of three centimeters, promazhte it with glue and carefully glue it six white petals, to get round.
Put in front of 12 blue-acute and six white rounded leaves.Each white petal on each side liberally lubricate the glue and glue them on both sides of the blue petals.As a result, should have six shamrocks.
Minipoint each trefoil promazhte glue, let it dry a little and then glue each of them to the wrong side of the petal of a flower made earlier.Try as much as possible firmly glued parts.
Lay out a sharp 18 blue leaves and glue them together on three.You should now have six shamrocks.
In exactly the same way as described above, made a paste with white petals.
final stage - an ornament snowflake beads.Take a bead on one side of the adhesive and spread it gently Prilep them on snowflake, trying to distribute them in sync.Snowflake ribbons ready.