to send a really unusual and unique gift that can not be bought at the gift shop, it is worth remembering about their hidden talents and make a gift with their own hands.Well, if you know how to do needlework - for example, you can make an unusual picture frames or boxes for jewelry in decoupage technique.Good looks coupled with his hands or with his own scarf embroidered.But even more interesting, and on top - delicious gift will be exclusive box of chocolates, you cooked in your own kitchen.It is very easy - you will cope with this task in just a single evening.To begin, select toppings for sweets - for example, nuts (cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or Brazil), fruit (fresh strawbe

rries or cherries), dried fruits (apricots, figs, prunes).For the glaze tile can take any chocolate, which you like most, 40ml milk 20ml sweet liqueur or herbal infusions.Break the chocolate into small pieces, put it in a small saucepan, add milk and heat are actively stirring - until chocolate is completely melted.Now, add the brandy or liqueur, stir, dip into the still warm chocolate every nut or each berry.Finished candy lay out on a cutting board covered with foil and place in the freezer for a few hours (eg overnight).But the troubles are not yet over.For these unique chocolates need a unique box.Take any out of the box of chocolates or cookies and remove from her all the old labels.Stock up on a three-layer napkins with a beautiful pattern, with white glue, brush, nail decoupage and sequins.Decorate a box in the technique of decoupage, paste on the varnished surface glitter and again cover with two layers of varnish.As you can see, to make a gift with their own hands is not difficult, but he will be remembered for a long time.