you need
  • beads of different colors;
  • thin monofilament
For the first chain use beads of only one color.It is important that all the beads were the same size, otherwise the chain links be rough and ugly.Cut a piece of fishing line length of 60-70 cm. Pick up the ends with both hands.On the right end put four beads preselected color.Hold on to the middle of their fishing line.
the second end of the last pass of the dialed beads in the opposite direction, to get the diamond.Tighten it could be seen that the line was not between the beads.Note that the ends are reversed.The one that was on th
e right, turned left, and vice versa.
Put on the right end of the four beads, pull up to the already finished diamond.On the left end of the dial three, go in the opposite direction last bead, put an end to the right.You now have a kind of ellipse.Tighten it without distorting the shape and shifting the already woven plot.Ends of line again reversed.
Dial on the right end of the two beads, and the left one.Again, go through the extreme left end of the bead on the right, then retighten.Alternate in chain links, diamonds, ellipses, and links, gaining on the right end of the two, then four beads.
When the fishing line is finished, cut another piece.Tie the ends of the old and new pieces of weaving unit.Continue to work until they weave a chain of the desired length.Stop the job every half hour to give your eyes a rest, move, stretch your back.
Weave another such chain, change color or create a drawing.If you need a pattern, then its pre Draw a sketch on paper with crayons.Do not create a diagram in the process, especially at the beginning: if something went wrong, it is necessary to dissolve, to begin anew.Have pity on yourself, save yourself time and effort.