tracing Make yourself

If desired transparent pattern paper can be made with their own hands.To do this, fit the white wrapping paper and thick enough paper towels.Brown wrapping paper will not do, when impregnated with oil it will not be clear on it in a simple manner grease.Some kinds of towels spread out under the influence of fat, especially high-quality brand.So select cheaper towels and thicker.Inexpensive bottle of sunflower oil can be purchased at any grocery store.You will need something more like a large pan - flat bath with curved edges.In the bath, pour a thin layer of vegetable oil, dip into it a piece of paper the size you want and hold about half an hour.The paper dry.Oily stains will not leave
it.But this method is not very useful, it is quite time-consuming.Draw her best ball-point pen.

Plastic film PE film can be purchased there, where they sell goods for gardeners and horticulturists.She usually covered greenhouses.This film is suitable for copying patterns is just perfect.Put on a sheet of polyethylene with the pattern, put the fact that you need a ballpoint pen, cut out.Such patterns, among other things, it is very convenient to store, in a collapsed or folded, they take up very little space and do not crumple.

Food foil

to the hardware store, you can see the food foil very different widths.Select the widest.Spread foil and flatten it carefully.Apply on top of the sheet with the pattern.Make sure that the desired contours of the parts did not extend beyond the foil.Carefully trace the subtle detail of a blunt object (such as a match or a stack of a set for modeling).To the line was clear, the pressure must be pretty strong, but try not to break with the pattern sheet.Cut very carefully.Foil is easy to crumple, and patterns may appear superfluous line.

Patterns of children's products

Patterns of children's products and soft toys can be translated using carbon paper.It often can be found in stores that sell goods for needlework.Sometimes it is there, where they sell stationery.Sometimes you can just copy the pattern on the fabric (for example, when cutting small toys).When manufacturing garments better to copy patterns onto the paper first.In this case, suitable, for example, remaining after repair wallpaper.To translate small patterns is also suitable transparent colored paper from a children's collection.