you need
  • wool Weight 100g Hook
  • №3
Figure matings: raised right and wrong columns with nakida.Knit mittens on the ends of the fingers.To get started, tie a chain of 4 stitches and somknite circle polustolbikom.
1 row.

2 air loop for lifting the row, 11 columns with nakida in a circle.Some did not close and then knit in a spiral.
2 series.

over the air loops for lifting 1 row knit 2 column with relief backstitches nakida, over the next two columns of facial knit 2 column with relief nakida.Over the following 4 columns knit 6 backstitches facial relief columns with nakida.2 facial relief column 2 columns of the previous row.4 backstitches relief column of 3 columns of the previous row.
From 3 to 7 series.

Above columns knit facial facial bars embossed
with nakida over purl - purl.Adds 1 bar in the 4 areas: on the underside of the bars located next to the facial.The number should be 7 to 16 backstitches nakida columns with each of the two parts separated from one another by strips of relief face 2 columns with nakida.
following 12 rows knitted without of increases.The number 13 turn from relief stripes on the 2 loops, a slot thumb.6 Pass the loop of the previous row, tying them on 6 stitches.
The next row knit columns with 6 nakida a chain of 6 stitches, then knit in this place purl relief columns with nakida.
knit 5 more rows to the wrist.Tie gum 1on1 of right and wrong relief columns with nakida - 10 series.
Arrange slot thumb - without nakida tie columns, then the columns without nakida spiral.Dovyazav almost to the end, it is necessary to subtract loop provyazyvaya 2 column without nakida together.Split a string, leaving a small end.Pull it and fix on the wrong side.