you need
  • - chocolates with a flat base;
  • - calico cloth of white, red and pink;
  • - piece of green felt;
  • - scissors;
  • - line;
  • - pencil;
  • - teip green tape;
  • - wooden skewers;
  • - satin ribbon width of two or three centimeters pink.
Take a cotton cloth, using a ruler and pencil, measure and draw the squares of 10 by 10 centimeters, vystrigite them (the number of squares must be equal to the number of colors that you want to do).On the green felt draw elongated leaves and vystrigite them (the number of leaves to be two times more than the number of tulips that you plan to make).Take two candy, attach them to each other flat bottoms, put the workpiece to cut a cotton square and gently tighten it so that the figure looked like a tulip bud, fix the tissue, so that it is well kept.
From candy and calico at exactly the same method fabricate the remaining florets billet.
In the left hand take the bud-blank to the right - a wooden skewer.Place the skewers to the free edges of the cloth hanging on the bud, accurately and fairly tightly strapped her teip-green ribbon to bud, and then does not break teip feed and continue winding it skewer spiral up to the end of it.Likewise, arrange the remaining colors of sweets.
Next take two cut sheets of green felt and attach them to the fabric tulip and candy, placing them on either side of the bud, and then strapped them teip-tape.Likewise proceed as with all the other leaves.
Once all the tulips are ready, carefully assemble them into a bouquet and tie earlier prepared a pink satin ribbon tied in her beautiful lush bow.Tulips of sweets ready.