Contoured seams

This is the simplest types of stitches, which combined, can create a unique pattern.To outline stitches seams include "forward needle" tambour, stalked, and so on.Each of these joints there are several varieties.

seam "forward needle" is a series of small stitches and omissions of the same size.By itself, it is not decorative, but if you combine multiple items, you get a very nice seams which can embellish the product.

Based seam "forward needle" runs the line "string."To do this, lay a line of stitches "forward needle" thread of one color, and the distance between them should be 2 times smaller than the stitches themselves.Then obveyte their thread of contrasting color.Alternatively, you can use two shades of thread and entwine their line of stitches "forward needle".

When you stalked seam needle sho
uld move from left to right.To do this, print the string on the front side, enter it through a short distance, making an oblique stitch.Then print it on the front of the material, but in the middle of the previous stitch and enter the needle in the fabric on polstezhka below.

Very nice to look chain stitch embroidery.It is performed from top to bottom.Threads of print on the front side of the fabric, and pierce it in the same place, they must form a small loop.

Then print a needle in a couple of millimeters so that it was within the loops and lightly tighten.Continue the seam in the same way.Stitches do not tighten and try to make them the same size.

Cross stitching

All varieties of this type of welds performed on the basis of stitches "goat."To meet them, display the needle on the front side of the fabric, make a stitch on a diagonal (right to left).Stepping back a couple of millimeters, display the needle back to the front of the right of first and enter the needle diagonally down to the left.Continue to lay the seam in the same way to the desired value.

seam "goat" is beautiful in itself.They can fill the background of embroidery stitches if placed close to each other.But it can and diversify, using a thread of contrasting color.

If sew stitches in the tops of the vertical seam crosses, you get a stitch called "tied with a goat."Very beautiful decorative seam on the basis of these stitches - "interwoven goat".Sew line "goat."Thereafter obveyte its yarn having a contrasting color.Output needle on the front side at the beginning of the seam on the right.The thread under the first diagonal stitch, and then send it into the second diagonal.Thus a loop is formed over the upper and lower cross seal.