you need
  • yarn, knitting needles
Before you begin select yarn and needles, which can be made of plastic, wood or metal.Their ends should not be too sharp (or they will injure your fingers, and tear the thread) or too stupid (it will complicate the work).The diameter of the spokes must comply with the chosen yarn, or rather to be twice as thick.
Next, type in the number of initial loop spokes.There are many methods of recruitment, which differ according to the results (obtained by a different type of edge), density and elasticity of the bottom of the product.You can try several options and choose to start one acceptable for you.But do not get hung up on the same method, and get acquainted with others.This can be useful for the future, when you start to c
reate their own models.Then you choose the option can set the initial number of the most suitable for each of your work.
Once typed the correct number of loops, go directly to the knitting facial loops.They are of two types: knitted by the front and rear thread.However, in any method of working a thread must remain behind.To do this, move the loop recruited by the end of the spokes, but so that they do not slide.Take the right hand free of the yarn needle, and the left - needle with loops.When vyvyazyvanii facial loops of thread back, the tip of the right spokes insert the loop from the top left (photo 1), grab the working yarn and drag it.The resulting loop is on the right spokes that you gently move from the left, and remove it already knit loop.For vyvyazyvaniya facial loop for the front thread, do the following - in the loop on the left end of the spokes enter the right bottom from left to right (photo 2), grab a thread with the index finger, drag it through the loop.Remove the loop knit and continue until the end of the series.Now Transfer needle with loops of the right hand to the left and begin to knit the next row.