you need
  • - gray, beige, red and brown wool yarn (300m / 100g);
  • - hook №3;
  • - sintepon for stuffing;
  • - thin wire 12 cm long.
Start knit tram from the bottom.To do this, tie a chain of gray thread 7 stitches and 22 number column without nakida.Each series begins with a 1 air lift loop instead of the 1st column without nakida.Then get the tie detail around the perimeter 1-series column without nakida by running the angular loop 2 column without nakida (= 62 column without nakida).
roof knit exactly like the bottom.Next tie a number of circular rows 1 column without nakida the rear wall, 2 rows of columns with the number 1 and nakida column without nakida beige thread, 1 ro
w with nakida column, column 1 row without nakida and 1 column with the number of nakida red thread.
each circular row start with one or two stitches instead of one lifting column without nakida, or one column with nakida and finish 1 connection bar into the air lift loop.
now proceed to vyvyazyvaniyu wheels for buses.Tie them in the amount of 8 pieces of brown thread of 4 stitches and her somknite 1 connector column in the ring.Then in the ring knit 12 columns without nakida.
Box knit yarn gray chain of 7 stitches and 5 rows column without nakida.Received the item on the perimeter tie 1 next column without nakida by running the angular loop 2 column without nakida.Then knit 3 rows column without nakida circular rows.Make susceptor, tieing wire 1 next column without nakida brown thread.
now tamp case and box bound tram synthetic padding.To sew the bottom of the housing and the tram to the roof - box.Then attach the susceptor, giving it the desired shape.And finally, the last, sew and embroider wheel windows of brown thread.Cheerful tram is ready, let it become one of the favorite toys for your baby!