Make mold popular today may be out of polymer clay.To do this, take the clay, create a model of your product (for example, a daisy flower shape for the respective bath bombs), and begin to create.The raw clay is very similar to clay.Therefore, you can easily do all of it what you want.Return to the daisy.You can make it from one color of clay - it's still just a shaper.On the other hand, multi-colored, it has by itself will lift your spirits.I blind?Now it needs to be baked.This is done to ensure that it has acquired the proper firmness and has truly become like a mold .
For baking, place the finished mold on a baking sheet or a glass plate or other bakeware
.It is advisable to pre-baking dish covered with paper that your product is not burnt.Then place the container with your future molds in the oven and turn on the fire.The temperature should be set in the range of 110-130 degrees (depending on the manufacturer).The best way to start a timer, not to overexpose crafts.Cooking time ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.It depends on the thickness of the product.If subtle, it is possible to manage and a quarter hours.If thick, it all soak for half an hour.But then again - do not overdo, otherwise Clay would lose all its properties.After baking your formochka ready, you can use it for other purposes.
Alternatively, fabricate mold of ordinary clay.Modeling technology is the same.But the scheme is somewhat different baking.Before placing the product in an oven, it is necessary to dry a little.After the clay is present in natural water, so for better baking you must first vaporize it.The main disadvantage of producing molds of natural clay is that it should not be baked in a conventional oven, and special.However, this is not a problem to buy.Why special oven?Because clay should be fired at a temperature of about 1000 degrees.Naturally, the home plate to such pressures is not ready.Finished products of about 6 hours.The process is long, tedious.But at the exit you will get a separate work of art in the form of their molds.