you need
  • to model size 48 (-31 density knitting loop on 10cm):
  • - 250g wool yarn red 3 and adding a bit of yarn black and white for the trim;
  • - needles №2.
Start knit sweater from the back.To do this, type №2 spokes 160 loops and tie a rubber band 2 cm 1 * 1 and 40cm (to the chest), stocking st, adding 6 times for one loop through 6.5 cm.Further, the end of each row line raglan provyazyvayte 2 loops together.And when you stay on the spokes 48 loops, close them in a row.
When folding sweaters will be ready to begin knitting forehand.Dial 160 loops and tie a rubber band 2 cm 1 * 1 and 4 cm stocking st.Then knit three balls, performing bands and vyvyazyvaya diamond, black threads, starting with the two loops.
Be careful when the width of the rhombus will knit 40 loops, connect the white thread an
d begin to knit from five balls.This continues for as long as both sides of the rhombus in black will not knit 20 loops of white threads.Then follow the top of the white rhombus, while finishing top of a black diamond.Increase on the side do exactly as on the back.
Once you dovyazhite to the line of the neck, divide the loop into two parts and start to knit first right-hand side, from the closing of the neck: 8.4 to 3 times and 4 times for 2 loops.And in the end of the row from the line of raglan knit the two loops together.Similarly, the left side of the tie.
now continue with the sleeves for what type of black thread 110 loops and knit 2 cm elastic band 1 * 1 and 6 rows stocking st strings white.Thereafter knit yarns of red color by adding 7 times for one loop every fourth row, and five times in a loop at the end of each row.Count on the spokes, you should have 134 loop.
Then knit 2 loops together at the end of each row along the lines of Raglan, and when the spokes will be 18 loops, follow the bevel and close 2 times 2 and four times three loops.Then, through a back raglan knit two loops together at the end of the series.Tie the second sleeve and make a bevel on the opposite side.
do're finished neck.To do this, associate Bakey, dial 130 for her black thread loop and tie a rubber band 2 cm 1 * 1 and five rows strand white stocking st.Then sew the open loop inlay to the neck.