for size 44 needles needed №8 and 600 g of wool yarn.The product performed garter, "tows" front embroidery.Get started from the back.Dial 70 loops and knit in garter stitch 2 cm, then go on a pattern.The first 4 n. - Garter, 7 p. Front embroidery, 8 p. Pattern plait, 12 p. Embroidery front, back pattern tow - 8 p. 7 p. Embroidery front, complete a number of garter st - 4 n. In this case,add 3x1 p., the spokes must be 73 p.
After 35 cm add on both sides in every sixth row after 4 n. edge 8x1 p. Total turns 89 p. knit 60 cm,perform subtraction for the shoulder on both sides at the same time, through a series of 3 p.h7.In the center of the work, close the 11 p. For the neck.
Before performing similar back, but after 35 cm start vyvyaz
yvayut neck as follows: on the right side 32 f. Remove the alternate needle on the remaining sts continue knitting.Make 4 adding to 8 p. 12, n = tow., Knit them face a smooth surface - it will border the neck, then 1 p. L., 1 p. PHI., Followed by drawing.Over the border do subtraction in every fourth row 11h1 n. At the same time added in the back of the 4 p. From the edge in every sixth row 8x1 p. A 60 cm shoulder to do the subtraction.Continue to crochet border, its length should be equal to ½ neck back, the work aside.Go back to the left to the right side of the loops and knit the left mirror.
iron it to the wrong side of the tunic parts, connect the rim and Sew it to the back of the neck.Sew the product for shoulder and side seams.Stitches flatten.