baskets woven wicker can be a real work of art.They can decorate the garden, placing them in ornamental plants.With them comfortably walk in the woods for mushrooms, but you can use them as containers during harvest.

material for weaving baskets

material for baskets prepared in advance.Before harvesting check rods are flexible, since they do not have sufficient ductility.Check if you have the material, as follows: Take the rod and bend it about 90 degrees.If it is not broken, so it is perfect for weaving.Pay special attention to the willow tree with red, orange or purple shoots.They are the most flexible and therefore most suited for the job.

But not only good flexibility plays a role in weaving.It is important that the bars were dry while working as raw sprouts, if they were used in weaving, then
dry and deformed.As a result, your product will be ruined.Dried shoots before work should be soaked in water for a few days so that they become flexible, and then set them free from the cortex.

choose to weave smooth shoots, without any bulges, and with a healthy wood and bark.

How to weave a basket

To produce the simplest baskets you will need a knife and secateurs.

To get started, take a length of about 8 bars of 45-50 cm. In 4 of them make the splitting of a few centimeters in length, the other 4 rod inserted into the cleft so as to make a cross.Further, the cross entwine two thin shoots.The thinner they are, the better.Having 2 turns, bars bred one in hand and now a braid made separately for each rod.

When braiding length rods coming to an end, it is necessary to take new branches and weave them.To properly do this, you need to work it was an odd number of bars.Add another is not difficult, just woven into it to rest.You should now have 17 rays.Thus the bottom of the basket to spin until it becomes a desired diameter.After netting at the bottom of the 16-rays need to lay two more, while the 17th - one.

to start weaving the walls of the basket, you can adjust the bottom of the template, for example, the pan to obtain flat wall.The bars are pressed and bonded to the template at the top.Walls begin to spin from 3 bars to reinforce the bottom of the basket.Thus linking several rows of walls weave a simple viscous.Adding each new bar is necessary, removing the ends inside basket.To obtain a strong product, ranks rods need to press as close as possible to each other.When the walls of your shopping cart reached the desired height, it is necessary to close up the board to finish the manufacturing of the product.This can be done in the following way: a rack give birth for the next two, and so continue until such time as all the bars will not be patched.

necessary to make the handle to the basket.For this thicker rod is selected, its tapered at both ends and is inserted into the board product.Next to it is inserted tufts of thin twigs and entwine them around the thick bar.On the opposite side of their thin rods fixed.