you need
  • - two straight or circular needles;
  • - yarn.
Do nakida in knitted fabric to uniformly add the required number of loops.Between each draped loop is necessary to leave the same number of working loops.On the reverse side all received nakida recommended to knit as a crossed loop in order to avoid unsightly small holes in the finished product.
Try to score over the air loop specifically left a hole in the work (for example, for vyvyazyvaniya finger mittens or buttonhole).Knit number before downstream holes twist the working yarn loop and throw with it on the right needle.Tighten the re
sulting loop to between conventional and draped textile temples will no longer formed hole.
nakida Replace the usual hinges - as required can be vyvyazat in an amount of two or more of the same loop.It is possible to swing: front loop Wrong again face, etc.Such additions are clearly visible on the front side of the web, so it is recommended to do at the edges.In addition, two additional vyvyazyvanie more loops of one arch in the middle of the web can be used for the embossed patterns (such as "bumps").
Practice to add loops by pulling between the loops of the lower row.With the right spokes pull through this jumper working thread.The resulting loop you provyazhete both front crossed and knitting will look smooth and neat.
knit the first loop of the facial series and leave it on the work spoke.Then she did the same from the extra - crossed.You can also use a different way to extend knitting: knit the left side of the edge and throw with the necessary amount of air loops.On the right, you can expand the work with the help of broaches or nakida.