How to grow a pineapple?After all, inside the fruit is never seeds.But growing this wonderful plant seeds and you do not need.After all, the pineapple grows out of the very green "crown", which adorns every fruit, and after eating goes into the trash.Thus, we get an excellent and tasty and healthy treat and planting material of the same fruit.By the way, the better the fruit is suitable for feeding to the table - it is more than ripe and yellow - the better it is for planting.

First we need to properly separate sheet outlet pineapple.To do this, carefully cut it off from the main body of the fetus, leaving about a centimeter of flesh.Ripe pineapple is very juicy, so we will not prevent seedling dry to pulp slightly weathered.It's enough to hang a sheet outlet to clothesli

ne for a few hours.It is important not to overdo it: overdry sapling should not, however, and nedosushenny can rot, failing to germinate.Will the process of activated carbon powder that can be sprinkled slice.

The dried seedling planted in the ground, like an ordinary houseplant.The procedure itself is simple enough: the soil is moistened with water, set to a sapling and cover it with a plastic bag to create high humidity and facilitate rooting.Even better cover glass jar, but not everyone manages her potty priladit.The pot can be selected according to their own artistic taste, the main thing - to provide a quality drainage.As for the soil, then let the proportions shown in the directory of humus, sand and peat 2: 1: 1 are not afraid of a novice, because, as a rule, any soil from the flower shop has just such a composition.But more importantly - it is necessary to pour pineapple with warm water.Not necessarily required Gaugeable thermometer 30 degrees, it is enough if the water will be warm to the touch.Pour often, but not creating a bog in a pot.

After pineapple appeared in the ground in his usual atmosphere of tropical humidity, the pot can be placed in bright places.The signal for that protective dome as a package or cans can be removed will be the appearance of new green leaves.Watering during this period may not be required, but a couple of times to spray warm water outlet does not hurt.This procedure is best done 1-2 times daily and after pineapple take root.Of course, without spraying it does not disappear, but will grow significantly worse.

In the first stage may seem to grow pineapple failed: the emergence of the roots may be delayed for a month, or even two, and the tips of the leaves begin to dry out.But we should not despair too soon.Continue to spray the plant.Sunlight, humidity and heat will do the job.

As you can see, look after pineapple is not so difficult.Small wonder that in Russia began to cultivate this plant even before the potatoes - the landlords did not want to keep up with the royal court, and pineapple farming in Russia has enough mass enthusiasm.And today, to grow this exotic plant is quite capable to everyone.