essence decoupage technique is gluing pictures of paper, cloth napkins on the surface and the coating composition obtained varnish to preserve and make the product complete the form.You can decorate any objects: furniture, dishes, candles, jewelry boxes, clocks, flower pots.Decoupage combination with other techniques such as gilding or aging, gives unlimited possibilities in the works.
To learn decoupage is easy, you will not need special equipment or special tools.To learn how to create masterpieces require accuracy, patience and endurance.Start your acquaintance with this art form with the development of basic techniques.Look at workshops, training videos, read books with instructions, can take private lessons and combine training with practice.
And you can learn on the
ir own, for the purchase of special cloth (suit and the usual table) or decoupage cards, use pictures, interesting motives from the tissue.To work need scissors, brushes of different kinds, decoupage glue or PVA paint.Select for decorating small object with a hard, flat surface: box, box, and prepare it for work - degrease, prime the wood with acrylic paint.Carefully cut fragments of tissue separate layer with a pattern.If you use pictures from a magazine or photos, wet them, and remove the bottom layer.The thinner the motive, the more beautiful it will look the product.
Promazhte adhesive surface, apply a napkin, flat brush, apply glue on it and gently flatten, let the work dry and cover with several layers of lacquer.Each subsequent layer is applied after the previous dry.There are other ways of bonding - Apply acrylic lacquer on the subject, attach carved motif, cover with baking paper and iron iron or dry hot air (hair dryer).
learn the basics and get the hang of, you can wipe the decoration of large surfaces, to move on to more complex techniques - volume decoupage, putting in the shadows, decoration fabric.