you need
  • - saxophone;
  • - the mouthpiece;
  • - cane;
  • - notes.
is necessary to choose the right tool.The most popular among the saxophones - alto and baritone it, but there's still a soprano, tenor, and others.It is necessary to purchase a saxophone mouthpiece and a cane, without which the instrument does not sound.Contact the seller at the store, let him give recommendations are themselves considered carefully.Tool selection depends on many parameters, including the complexion and tone of voice playing.
To play the saxophone must be able to read the score.Learn the notes and to purchase or download a simple product for beginners.They can take, for example, from this site: .Note that saxophones are in different tunings: E-flat, B-flat, up.So
, in the first embodiment piano note will correspond to the note E-flat, in the second version - E flat and so on.For saxophones have their fingering - that is, in what order and what should be fingering the keys (in accordance with the notes).Note that if the score is, for example, the note D, you should use the fingering for note re.So you will understand in time at which key to press.
Pay attention to breathing techniques.During the game, stand straight.Excellent lessons on this subject is on the site .Just type in the search query and select the most appropriate and clear your option.
The game is very important to work mouth.For example, the higher the note, the tighter you should squeeze her lips for proper playback.On the high notes lighten up.Otherwise, they do not sound complete and false.
Note that most of the best tutorial on the game on the Internet in English, besides, they are not free.And in order to learn how to play properly, you need to pay a lot of time training.