tools and supplies, knitting technique Broomstick

Prepare necessary tools for knitting.It is preferred to carry out the canvas with a special thick needles, but the stores this device is quite rare because the knitting technique Broomstick still not very common in our country.Instead of thick needles needlewoman adapted to use other toolbox, such as a ruler or a plug for knitting, crochet, even with pens, plastic water pipe, or handle of a vacuum cleaner.You also need to stock up on a hook.Its number is chosen depending on the thickness of the yarn.

Selection of yarn for knitting in the Peruvian technique is quite wide.Beautiful, delicate things come out of thin and fluffy thread, such as an
gora or mohair suit for work and the average thickness of the yarn spun from wool or acrylic.Very impressive looking web of yarn with the section staining.

Like knit fabric in the art Broomstick

Follow the chain of ordinary air loops.Their number must be a multiple of five.After that pull air through the chain loop and another fling it into a thick needle.Similarly, the pull tabs from all the chains of stitches and start the implementation of the first element.

Enter a hook in the first 5 tabs in this series and knit them with a single column without nakida.Then do the same loop without an additional 4 column nakida.As a result, you should have 5 loops of the knit together five tabs.Likewise, all other knit loop series.

for knitting the second element of pull tabs from each of the previous series in one loop and throw with them one by one on a supporting a thick needle.Then again, five knit loops one column without nakida in the same loop make 4 more of the same column.

Knit in this technique fairly quickly, because a number of the result is a broad, its width will depend on the size of the auxiliary tool, which you will use when knitting.

Broomstick in the art can be made a variety of products.Very nice and elegant look scarves and stoles.This fabric is used to create ponchos, openwork summer coats, capes, cardigans and tops.In addition, this technique needlewoman create original accessories: bags and bracelets.