Horse sock

for toy manufacturers will need approximately 4 identical sock.Of course, it is better if there are two pair, but fit and single, not too different in texture and pattern.And provide a thread for sewing, embroidery and knitting (possible residues), a hook, a needle with a large eye, scissors.Take care of what you will fill your toy.The most suitable crop syntepon.Vata is too heavy, and foam quickly collapses and forms a toxic substance.

head to head

take 1 a sock.It's actually ready to head to the neck.If the toe is long, the neck can be cut, bent into the open part.Type in the head and neck with synthetic padding.The hole can be repaired.Before picking up the remaining parts of the form to muzzle.Embroide
r eyes, nostrils, smiling mouth.If there is a matching colored pieces of leather made from them triangular ears and sew.You can instantly make and mane.Sew basting stitch withers.The stitches should be fine.The first row of knit simple columns, 2-3 in every stitch.Next nadvyazhite from the same yarn fringe.


Preparation for the body is a tube.If there is no pair of sock, better make the body from the top of the horse course.Cut the foot.One seal the cut immediately.Tamp the body with synthetic padding and seal the second opening.Sew the head.Form the curve of the neck - it needs to pull his head to the body and to fix a few stitches.

Legs For the legs better to take a pair of gnocchi.From the upper part is made hind legs from the lower - front.Make 4 pipes - they do not necessarily have to be exactly the same, those for the front legs may be a little shorter.The legs are made almost as much as the body.Sew them, and then do the hoof.The easiest way to connect them.First make 4 identical flat circle, and then nadvyazhite each "side".Hooves should be worn on the feet.To horse stood, put inside a cardboard circles and sew each hoof on the upper edge.

Horse of tights

horses suitable for the manufacture of both nylon stockings and cotton.Sewn horse almost as much as from the socks, but cut it so convenient.To fit the head of one of the feet with a small piece of the lower leg to the body - the part that clung to the area between the hips and knees.It's possible to carve out a stocking, and the second - all four legs.


Contents muzzle is possible not only with the help of embroidery.Will look good eyes and mouth, made of self-adhesive paper or film, and pieces of leather.To obtain a suitable muzzle and beads and glass beads.Fringe for the mane can be made from a piece of fabric or leather.