Daisy plasticine can be made in several ways.All of them are fairly simple, so these colors can make even small children.

Chamomile for panels

To produce this you need daisy yellow and white clay, colored cardboard, scissors, a rolling pin for rolling clay, stencils for petals.

first roll of white clay balls, and then do one thin layers.Put them stencils and cut 10-12 petals.Below each of them make a small crease, and the petal of a little pull down.Yellow plasticine roll a small ball, middle, this will be the flower.Next of colored cardboard cut out a circle in such a way that the petals of a daisy laid on him a little bit out of his circle.Now unfold the petals in a circle, gently push them to get a good hold and attach the center of the middle of a flower.Chamomile is ready!You can make a few different sizes of daisies and p
lace them on the panel.

daisy bouquet for

These daisies are already with the stalks.Their number may be different, as you want.In addition to clay here it needs another wire.Prepare white clay petals for this roll out of it ovals, on the one hand make them pointy.Then roll up the middle of a daisy yellow clay and attach onto the entire circumference.

Now we need to make the flower stalk.Take the wire and stuck to its green clay, leaving one end of the wire.This end of the stem, insert a flower.Now we need to make the sepals of green clay and cover of the junction between the stalk and petals.Chamomile is ready, then make the rest and gather a bouquet.

painting of daisies

To fulfill this need crafts clay and cardboard.At the beginning of the work to make the background of the picture.To do this, combine green and yellow clay, to get the right shade with imitation marble.Further careful with your fingers to smear it on a thin layer of cardboard.Then, determine where they will be located daisies.Make the petals of the desired shape and mount them on cardboard.

place between the petals made of yellow plasticine midway flowers.With a toothpick give them a grainy.Green plasticine roll thin flagella for stems and attach them to the background, combining colors.Leaves shape of thin ovals green, and shall cleave to their stalks.Toothpick make them veins.The picture can be arranged in a frame.