you need
  • - foamiran soft pink and green colors;
  • - wire;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - teip Feed brown;
  • - brush and paint;
  • - pen and pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - super-glue;
  • - iron;
  • - green thread;
  • - pliers.
First prepare all the materials for the creation of a rose.
Cut pink foamirana strip width of about five centimeters of the entire length of the material, then fold it accordion width of not more than five centimeters, draw on the "Thomas" shape in the form of drops and vystrigite it, affecting all layers of material.
Cut from foamirana green strip width of five centimeters, and fold it like an accordion, draw on the material and leaf vystrigite it.
With ordinary paint green and pink tint slightly petals and leaves so that they s
eemingly become more like the real thing.
Turn iron, heat it, and then attach the "petal" and as soon as it warms up, try to gently stretch it to the side, and then gently bend the edges to wrong side(You can use needles, wind the edge of a petal, warm up and release).So arrange the other "petals".
attach to the iron sheet, heat it and twist between your fingers.Then flatten slightly.Similarly, arrange the remaining leaves.
As a result, you should get about 20 petals, five sepals and 10 leaves.
Once the petals, leaves and sepals are ready, proceed to the collection of roses.By wire strapped tightly twisted cotton pad, apply it on the tab of the "Thomas", they wrap a cotton pad and stick.
Take the second tab, its lower edge promazhte glue and attach to the base of the flower, then take another tab, just the bottom edge promazhte glue and glue to the base of the flower, butOn the other side of the serdtsevinki.So stick all the other petals, trying to place them evenly.
attach to the base of the sepals of a flower ready and strapped them to a thread.
Wrap the base of the flower of the thin ribbon foamirana.Wire do figure in the shape of a cross at the end of the three resulting figures previously manufactured glue the leaves, and then attach itself to the wire stem roses.Wind teip-ribbon flower stalk.
on the above chart do bud and attach it to the stem.Beautiful rose from foamirana ready.