you need
  • - embroidery fabric (usually used as the canvas for cross stitch with a large mesh size - Aida 14 or 11 or a similar plain weave fabric);
  • - cotton or silk ribbons of different widths;
  • - needle embroidery ribbons;
  • - hoop;
  • - scissors.
We must correctly handle the tape before the beginning of work - from reel to cut it at an acute angle.The tape is then loaded into the eye of the corners, leaving a tail of 5 cm, and fix tape in a needle piercing her tail at a distance of 7 cm from the end and pulled a long tail tape, fixing it to the needle.The length of the belt must not be more than 30 cm - so it will not be confused and wrinkle.
To fix the tape on the underside of embroidery using a flat knot.It is made by bending the edges of the tape twice and piercing center hem edge.The tape is pulled through the hem, and tighten.
main element embroidery is a straight stitch needle to perform which lead out to the front of the embroidery, make the stitch length and the desired output the needle on the wrong side of the work.It is in the performance of the element to make sure that the tape is not twisted, and adjust its tension when the stitch.
to perform the bulk of the French knot the needle and tape output on the front of the work, wrap around needle tape 3-4 times and try to withdraw the needle inside out, while not dismissing the momentum made tape - doing this will require a certain elementtraining.
Straight stitch with curls begin to perform as well as normal straight stitch, and then the tape is pressed against the canvas face and inject the needle into the center of the belt at a distance of stitch length.The needle is carried out on the wrong side, trying not to deploy curl.
curved straight stitch is required for the presence of an additional needle with floss thread of the same color.It is injected into the ribbon at the distance required stitch length and perform the basting stitch.The needle is withdrawn from the tape on the underside of the work and adjust the angle between the two stitches of the embroidery pattern.
remaining elements embroidery ribbons based on the use of the simplest of stitches, and combinations thereof, so learn this kind of needlework easy.