history jersey

Translated from the French word "jersey" means "to bind."Knitwear is called a product or fabric, knitted from yarn to the knitting machine or manually.For the first time knitting appeared in the 16th century, and since then knitted things took a strong position in people's lives.After the invention of machines for knitting, knitted fabric and finished products for their sewing started to produce in large quantities and wide assortment.

knitwear made from cotton, wool or synthetic fibers of varying thickness and combinations.

of knitted fabrics, different composition, produce certain types of products.There is a uniform or mixed material, which differ in composition, which includes one or more of the type of raw material.Virtually all
modern knitwear is mixed - it adds synthetic fibers, which improve consumer characteristics jersey.By way of tying it may be double, relief, kulirnym, poperechnovyazanym or warp.

Properties jersey

quality knitted fabric is determined by its main characteristics and properties - geometric parameters weave their linear density and surface structure.Overall quality knitwear as determined by the physical and mechanical properties, as well as the number of loops per unit length in a variety of ways.The thickness of the knitted products depends directly on the density of the surface.

surface density is usually greater in the high things of knitwear and knitted underwear at least.

mechanical properties of knitted fabric defines a set of elasticity, elasticity, tensile, abrasion, tensile strength, and zakruchivaemosti raspuskaemosti.Extensibility is completely dependent on the type of weave knit fabric and structure of loops.Most expandable view of knitwear - poperechnovyazany.On elasticity fabric is largely influenced by raw material and weave - the more the index, the higher the resistance to abrasion of knitwear and shape retention.Most considered elastic knitted from wool yarn and textured yarn.

on resistance to abrasion jersey also affect the form and type of weave of the fiber - the least stable are vorsovanny and wool jersey.The most abrasion resistant knitted synthetic yarn.