you need
  • - pieces of felt saturated colors;
  • - thread color felt;
  • - safety pin;
  • - special scissors with teeth;
  • - padding polyester or cotton;
  • - cardboard;
  • - pencil;
  • - needle.
Decide how much you want to make valentines.Prepare all materials.On a piece of cardboard, draw a shape in the form of the heart, and then carefully cut it.
of felt, cut two pieces of approximately equal size (the size of the pieces should be slightly higher than previously manufactured cardboard template) and apply one piece to another.
felt impose on cardboard template in the form of heart, draw around it with a pencil.
Gently vystrigite special scissors with teeth hearts.To get the same hearts, it is desir
able to cut out them simultaneously, that is, put two pieces of felt together.Felt is known, the material is quite dense, so vystriganiya advisable to use sharp scissors.
Take the needle and thread color felt.Start to sew two get Circuits small heart-Basting stitches.
Leave nedoshitym small plot and begin to fill the heart valentines wool or synthetic padding.To do this, take a small amount of filling, place it in the felt heart and pencil gently rammed the vehicle.As soon as the product will get a slightly convex shape, sew the hole Basting stitches.Fasten the thread that does not "dispersed".
Take the safety pin of suitable size and a needle and thread in the color of the felt, and then carefully sew the pin to the wrong side of the felt valentines.To bulavochka long kept, it is best to sew small stitches.
thus make the required number of valentines.Optionally, you can decorate, for example, glued to the front side of rhinestones, beads, lace, ribbons and so on. D. Very original look variations with applications made of felt, but the contrast with the color of the product itself.