you need
  • - hook for knitting;
  • - wooden beads;
  • - scissors;
  • - awl;
  • - cotton yarn ("Iris");
  • - container from Kinder Surprise;
  • - rustling piece of polyethylene;
Tie wooden beads with red thread.Type 5 air loops, connecting them ring.Then follow 10 columns without nakida.Continue knitting nakida columns without adding loops so tight clasp bead.When you are ready to half "cheholchika", put it on a bead, the holes and continue knitting.
While working on the bead at the top of the loop start decrease.Leaving a small hole, tigh
ten the thread and hide under the tip of the associated sheath.Next, in a similar way tie with red thread a few beads.This part will be called "berries".
Subsequently, manufacture rattle in the form of an acorn.Take a container of chocolate eggs, do awl holes on both sides.Tie "odezhku" dark brown thread.
When you get to the middle of the "acorn", thread the ribbon through the holes of beads.Then fill rattle beads or peas and closed container nadvyazhite to the top.
hats acorn tie beige thread in addition 3 - so hat will be more volume.At the end of hide the end of the thread.Acorn ready.
now associate rustling yellow leaf.Dial 18 stitches and tie string on both sides: the first 6 bars without nakida, then 6 polustolbikov with nakida and 6 bars with nakida.
Subsequently, a number of high columns with nakida turn replaced by small columns without nakida, thereby creating a ripple.
therefore, form another piece.Having invested heavily between the leaves rustling polyethylene, sew together the leaves and ribbon beads.
Then put on a tape of red beads, separated by knots.The ends of the tape is also possible to pass even one bead, knotted at the ends of the large nodules.Cognitive Toys for Tots is ready.