fashioned rose from polymer clay - a rather laborious business.But the results are sure to please - these roses are not worse than the present.

rose from polymer clay

For work you need the material from which to make a flower, and a thick green wire.It will serve as a stem.Modeling starts with petal of the rose midway.To do this, roll a small ball and turn it into a thin layer, which is then rolled in the form of a petal.Its outer edge is better to bend a little to give the flower naturalness.Next you need to take the next tab, and gently apply it to the previous one.Applying need to bottom, well attached parts.When ready to tab 2, they can be put on the wire.Then, attach the rest of the petals, not forgetting the edge of each fold it back.From green clay to do sepals, which are attached below the roses.It is necessary to connect the parts and a
rose ready.

Heart of roses

to collect heart of roses, you need the following tools and materials: polymer clay in different colors, the basis of oasis, a thick wire, wire cutters or a good pair of scissors, teyp tape (it can be bought in floristic salons)Round and PVA glue.

To make a heart of roses, each flower is first done separately for the technology that was described above.Roses is best to make different sizes.Then proceed to the production of leaves.To do this, take green clay and rolled it into balls of different sizes.For application veins can use special blank with a characteristic relief.Green ball rolled over this preparation, giving it the shape of a sheet and pressed into the clay to remain streaks.Now with the help of glue need to attach a piece of wire to the finished sheet.The length of the wire can be any of your choice.

at this stage must be dried roses and leaves.It is convenient to do on the upside of the laying out of the box of chocolates.So the product will not crumple and not spoil its appearance.

Now at the end of the wire to do a small loop with the help of pliers and insert the wire in the center of Roses, taking care not to damage the flower.Loop should be inside the petals.Thus the wire is inserted into all ready roses.

take to stem the wire length needed.To connect the stem and leaf primotat need them together teyp-tape.For a start it is cut the same length, which is at the stem and stretched at both ends to make it sticky.The same procedure was carried out and the rest of roses.

When assembling the heart is important to consider that the flowers are evenly spaced and there was no empty space.Each rosette should stick to the oasis carefully.Along the edges of base color must be placed so that they are covered him.For better fixation on the basis of a wire-stem recommended to dip into the glue.Placing flowers on a large oasis, now have a smaller rose.The result should be a beautiful heart of roses.