If pantry old television showed the Soviet era, which has wood decor, columns and niches in the lower part of the structure, then do not rush to send it to the trash.Because of the rarity of such installations can be made completely unique aquarium.

TV turns, turns the TV ... the aquarium!

To begin, open the wooden console, which can be done by eliminating the back cover.Next, you will disconnect the internal components of the separating panels also need to get rid of.

Then you need to make a measurement of interior space design, it will acquire elements for the manufacture of the tank corresponding to a certain size.Need tube, filter, compressor, and light.It should make this aquarium, which will exceed the width and height of the screen.

necessary to provide space between the edge of the aquarium and cover design that will
set the overhead light.The compressor must be placed inside the structure which excludes the noise distribution.The glass substrate must be placed inside the devastated TV.

Finishing work

Using a drill, it is necessary to provide holes in the rear cover required for the tube.And the presence of additional holes will provide better ventilation, which prevents the formation of condensation.

further need to make the top cover, the most successful option would be the top panel, which can be cut to pieces.In order to use this door was convenient, you should fix the loop on the cover.The top panel can not be used, it can be used to replace flip cover made of wood.It will be important to choose a proper color piece.

previously dismantled the rear panel can be installed in its place.The bottom of the design need to be further strengthened, as it will have to undergo a lot of stress.This can use a solid preform.Strengthening can be in the lock of another piece of wood.A more reliable option would be the use of a metal cap.

order to avoid leakage, should ensure reliable sealing of joints and surfaces in several approaches.Designed to cope with the problem of water-resistant polyurethane composition.