You will need:

- scraps of cotton cloth (preferably colored);

- sintepon;

- bright thread and needle;

- scissors;

- pins;

- paper;

- pencil;

- line.

Put in front of album pages and draw them 19 hexagons with sides 2.7 cm. Vystrigite them.Draw a hexagon with sides of 4 cm and also vystrigite figure.

Using a large hexagon 19 cut fabric pieces.One detail - the same color six parts - the second color, 12 pieces - the third color.Colors can be any.

Cooked earlier small paper hexagons prikalite pins to the center of the reverse side of fabric hexagons.

Gently wrap the edges of the fabric on the paper template and fix all the basting stitches.At this stage it is necessary to make the fabric blank held form hexagons.

Remove the pins of the two blanks, attach details to each other one of the sides

and sew them blind stitch.

Consistently sew the remaining parts together so as to obtain a figure resembling a flower.Use all cooked hexagons.

progladte get "flower", remove Basting stitches, pins and paper patterns.

Cut three squares with sides of 25 cm, one square - from syntepon two - their cotton.Lay a piece of fabric face down on her bed, leveling the edge of a piece of padding polyester, padding polyester - a piece of fabric face up, then on the fabric - made of hexagonal "flower".All fasten with pins.

Sew "flower" in the center of the square contrasting with the "flower" thread, paving the line through all the layers of the product.It should be noted that the line must be laid carefully, should be stitch each hexagon separately.

Cut fabric strip the length of a little more than a meter (about 115 centimeters) and a width of five centimeters.Manufacture of her oblique Bakey, that is carefully bend the sides of the fabric strip to the center and iron hot iron.

Turn over tack made piping, bright thread When sewing her small neat stitches.The work begins at the point where you wish to make a loop.

graduating from edging continue to lay the stitches before the end of piping, not touching itself tack.Form a loop and fix it.Tack of the patches with your hands ready.