Start with the pattern to fit your sweater has sat well.If you have nowhere to reshoot it, do yourself.Remove yourself from the measurements, determine the semicircle breasts and thighs in front and behind.To do this, put any thing that clings figure and has side seams.Leaning against one of them, beginning of tape, pass it through the chest, stop at the side seam on the other side.This measurement semicircle chest.In the same way, remove the other measurements.
Attach a centimeter to the point of intersection of the neck to the shoulder, bring it
to the highest point of the chest.Put the value obtained on paper.Further, from the point of the chest (A) lead her to the middle of the thigh (P).This is also a move in the pattern.You have turned a vertical segment, which consists of two parts.Divide the semicircle breast half.Through the "A" draw a horizontal line equal to this value.From "B" draw a horizontal segment equal to half of the semicircle thighs.At the top, draw a diagonal line through the shoulder, after measuring it, mark a semi-circular hole to the left hand.You drew the left shelf.Right Bind mirror.According to this technology make the pattern one-piece back and sleeves.
Once you have made the sample density learned knitting, dial the required number of loops to create shelves.Begin to knit elastic band, then front embroidery.When you get to the point where you want to have available on the American flag jacket, first draw it on graph paper.Draw a rectangle, divide it into 13 equal horizontal stripes.Place the point of the seventh from the bottom on the left lane.Keep it on the line to the right, and then - to the top.This is the flag, you draw a square, which is the blue paint.Bands, starting from the bottom, through a single, Draw the red pencil.White strips remain unshaded.
Looking at the picture, recreating it on the jacket.One cell in the sheet corresponds to the loop.First knit red thread embroidery front the required number of loops.In the following, a number of purl, knit purl the same thread.Then - a series of facial.Twist the red thread with white yarn and tie the 3 series has a bright thread.Then, red again.After the third vyvyazannoy white stripes knit into the left corner of the blue thread.On the right, continue to create stripes.To between the square of blue and stripes was not the break, just twist the thread before you start to knit it a US flag.
According to the pattern, create all the other parts, tie 2 rubber strips, making one in the middle nakida - a hole loops.Sew the strap to the places of the products Stitch, attach buttons.Thread the needle with a big eye white thread, sew stars on blue of the merchandise.Knitted sweater with an American flag is ready.