Jersey - elastic material, so when choosing a model for sewing in fashion magazine Follow all the data in the description.Use the tissue that contains, or the like.
When cutting parts always consider the direction of wales, which are located along the edges of the material.Pattern locate on the canvas so that the direction of the common thread marked on it, coincided with the direction of wales in the fabric.
when working with thin and delicate materials do not attach to the mold tissue as the needle can be left on it punctures.If the jersey is cut with loose or large viscous, it is used to hold the pattern dressmaker pins with heads.
often knits can be very slippery.To simplify your work when cutting, put otrez on the substrate.This may be a piece of cotton fabric: calico, calic
o or linen.Suitable and most ordinary sheet.And that part when cutting is not deformed, stretch jersey.
When suturing small parts, use a zigzag or special elastic line.Follow it with a needle with a rounded end.When sewing she pushes the loop and does not tear the fabric.
grind shoulder seams items by placing a line oblique Bakey.This technique will strengthen the seam, which in the process of socks product will not stretch.
edges of the neck and armholes should also keep a good shape, so before you proceed with their stick handling through the location of seams on the reverse side of the fabric strip of glue thin cushioning material (called the mistress of his cobweb).
while processing seam sections overlozhnym also encouraged them to glue adhesive tape.Seam lay beside her.When working on overlock it would cut together with excess tissue, and if you treat the seams stitching "zig-zag", cut it together with the material close to the seam.
Bottom Knitwear recommended zastrachivat special double needle for sewing machine.Line must be laid on the front side of the fabric.This will turn 2 parallel straight lines, and from the inside - elastic zigzag.
can also bottom hem and hand-stitch "goat."Fold the first section of 0.5 cm and 1.5-2 cm. Sew hem needle with a rounded tip, do not tighten the stitches tight.