Felting and types

Many people used wool topple ability to form a dense mass that is felt.This improvised material served as a basis for making shoes, bags, hats, carpets and even dwellings - yurts.

Currently felt so widely used, but it is excellent and the main instrument for the new, but already popular type of needlework.Felting - felting, Felting, getting your hair.Amateurs and professionals are two types of manual work: dry and wet.

fibers wool pierced with special needles, resulting in a felt.With dry felting obtained voluminous products: ornaments, toys, sculptures.Create a beautiful and original landscape lovers Felting can, nailing wool fibers to the thick fabric.

Wet felting is to use hot soapy water, together with the physical impact on the material, which is carried out using a grinder,
hands or a rolling pin.

Combining two types feltinga turns the work into a work of art.Preliminary Felting wool, before the wet felting allows for accurate image capturing.It is no coincidence felting often found in painting.The rich color palette is achieved by mixing a few pieces of wool of different colors.

technique of dry felting figures

Take a piece of wool, which is shaped to make models.The resulting figure is placed on foam rubber.Needle pierces a piece of wool, which gently rotate at the puncture.As the sealing article of large size needle to a small change.

compliance with safety - a condition in felting.Wizards use thimbles and do not keep the product in the air, and create their works on a solid surface.

Provided that the model is made is comprised of several elements lying around each separately and then applied together.To achieve precision manufacturing, pre-crosslinked individual parts and threads are hiding under the coat.

errors felting not afraid, because they can be easily eliminated by careful addition of a certain amount of wool.

wet felting technique figures

Soap solution is sprayed onto the hair and rubbed in different directions.In this technique, commonly used gloves from cellophane, which is achieved with high quality bearings.Figures

large size rolled in a roll.Rug with future products wind on a rolling pin and wrapped with tape and with light pressure start to roll the model.After rinsed in warm water and put on the grill without squeezing.

If necessary finished product pat.An important point - do not overdo it during ironing.Otherwise, matted wool.