Passion are very low-maintenance exotic plants, which, when properly cared consistently flower and fruit.To grow Passiflora home, you can find it the seeds and plant them or buy a mature plant in a flower shop.There are a good option to seek the assistance tcvetovodcheskuju forum, which now exist in every city: it is possible to agree with the growers of plant cuttings to nothing.A good option for those who do not come all the rest - to come back in large supermarkets, vegetable departments which often offer exotic fruit or passion fruit grenadilyu (Granadilla).Fruit that - not that other, as the fruit of Passiflora, and if the plant extract and its bones, the result will not be worse, and in many cases even better than the seeds of the purchase.Varietal Passiflora do not grow, most of the fruit
shop grows edible passionflower.Its flower blue and modest, compared to the varietal, the size - only 8-15 cm in diameter.
passionflower cultivated as a climber, it is wound on the arc of a pot or let a specially stretched filaments.In winter, it is best to keep in the shade, it is more suitable for the heated glazed loggias.Sheltering from the cold, it can be left to hibernate and unheated.Passionflower bloom with a good lighting, grown from seed - 5-7 years, the flower stalks immediately after rooting, if conditions suit them.Buying a plant in the store, it is better to choose without buds or the plant, which has not yet opened.Blooming when moving to a new location can throw off all the flowers and even sick of this double stress.
To passionflower grew well and a lot of blooming, it needs certain conditions.The first is the sun, which is the more, the better.In the shade and partial shade to grow tropical beauty is bad, but will not bloom at all.The high temperature and the direct rays of this plant are not suitable: are burns on the leaves.On the south side it is best not to put on the windowsill and the floor beneath it - this will be enough, moreover, on the floor is cooler.It requires regular watering and loose, fertile soil.Passion does not like peat - choosing the ground for it, it must be remembered.In winter, watering is limited, not by watering more than once a week.Humidity should be high if this is not possible - you can spray the plant from a spray in the morning and evening.The plant should be cut and repot each spring, new shoots to grow and have more colors.Pot while choosing small, the entire vine growth is not concentrated in the root.