Dracaena marginata is practically not affected by pests and diseases.But to ensure good growth of the owner must adhere to certain recommendations, then the plant will delight their appearance for many years.Moreover, it has a man of great benefit, moisten the air in the room.


important to remember that dracaena not like bright rays of the sun, so it should be kept in the shade, and that it is properly developed, it is recommended to deploy a pot to light.Do not forget about the humidity, since this plant needs a certain level.When it is insufficient, at the dracaena dry leaves.In this case, it does not help even regular spraying the plants.If it has appeared dry leaves, you should prune them, but this should be done carefully.It is not recommended to cut dr
atsenu living tissue, as can happen further otsypanie leaves, and soon the flower will wither.


special place in the care of dratsenu marginata takes her transplant.Bought a plant must always be transplanted into a pot, and it is better to do so in the period from April to November.Also recommended twice a year to make an adult transplantation Dracaena.First, you must prepare the ground for it.It should be a mixture of turf and ground sheet, a greenhouse soil or manure, allowed the addition of sand, but in small quantities.In addition, you can use the soil for trees, or coarse-fibered peat.Before planting in a pot makes a large drainage, because roots of dracaena is located in the upper soil layer.Dishes, which will grow dracaena, you need to choose wide, so it will be as comfortable as possible.

Watering Watering dratsenu to be careful, especially in winter.This time of year is enough to do it 1 time in 1-2 weeks.In summer, watering should be frequent, at least twice a week.But this condition is not necessarily follow, as the soil should dry out in between waterings.It is important to remember that fill this plant is very simple, so the bottom of the pot should drain.Dracaena marginata have a comparatively short flowering period, because, as a rule, in a room warm, dry air.However, it happens that the plant does not bloom for several years, in which case it lacks irrigation or a fall bright sunlight.After excluding these factors, we can hope for an early blooming dracaena.