The need to stock in order to burn wood

For the process of burning wood was successful, you need to stock up the device for poker.At the end of the device should be sharp needle.The temperature of the needle should not exceed the mark of 300 degrees Celsius.You also need the fabric on which you will burn out.Of old masters used silk, silk instead we take any artificial or synthetic fabric.

If you want to seriously guilloche, erecting copy table.Copy table is a wooden frame with hardened on the surface of the glass.Within the framework established by two light bulbs, switches from which are ejected.To table does not overheat, do in the wooden frame several vents.

Getting Started

Select or create the drawing.Draw a picture or a dark fel
t-tip marker on a sheet of drawing paper.Then pick up a piece of artificial tissue, iron its iron and needles attach to the top of the Whatman paper drawing.Place the sketch with a cloth on the glass table copier, turn the bulb.Light bulbs will shine, and your picture will be clearly visible through the paper and tissue.

After setting the copy table, take a pencil in his right hand the device for burning wood and turn the device to the network.The needle should be kept perpendicular to the drawing, burning should start from the middle of the sketch to the edges.Check the temperature of the needle on a piece of the same fabric as the one on which the operation will be carried out.After a few test slots start to work.

process of burning

Keep the needle as hold a pen, but without inclination, perpendicular to the glass surface of the copy table.Touch the fabric with a needle, pressure regulating, and watch carefully what happens.The fabric should be cut through in certain places.In order that the fabric does not move in front of each slit her gently pull the fingers of his left hand.

In the process of burning the tip of the needle stick to particles of the smelt tissue.These particles can deform and damage pattern.To avoid damage to regularly inspect the needle tip.If you see that the needle is stained, clean it using a piece of cotton cloth, sandpaper or a blade.

with hot needle, you can not just make a slit and cut the fabric, burn small holes, welding together pieces of cloth, apply pattern: dots, beads, obkolku.Experienced skilled workers are able to carry out continuous and spot welding of parts to make "the frayed" and forming slits of varying difficulty.