guitar - one of the most popular musical instruments in the world.Due to quite a wide range and the relative simplicity of the game, it has become popular in many different styles of music - from flamenco to black metal.Available in dozens of varieties of guitars.Many popular rock musicians have their own instruments issued by well-known manufacturers for them.

how to play the guitar left-hander before?

Many famous guitarists - left-handed, for example, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain. abundance of left-handers among musicians is not surprising, because the left hand con
trols the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity and imagination.

first left-hander played on ordinary guitars, no difference was.It was necessary to put a string in reverse order to easily take any chords in the mirror.Classical guitars and guitar of the "Dreadnought" no cutout for easy games, their mirror-symmetric body, so no problems.With the advent of jumbo guitars and electric guitars, whose body is asymmetric about the longitudinal axis, the situation has changed.

Features left-handed guitars

Now the market offers a lot of guitar for people better than owning your left hand.In fact, the left-handed guitar is a mirror image of a conventional guitar.Belt clip, with the cord, the machine for the string tension, a recess for the arm, and often are splitting the other hand, back to the way they are arranged on a normal guitar.Similarly, manufacture and bass.Available in "left-handed" guitars are much smaller than traditional, as left-handers than right-handers with a little.

Not all left-handers are buying a "left-handed" tools.So, Hendrix played all my life on a regular Stratocaster, designed for right-handers only overtighten the string in reverse order.However, he could very well play on the strings stretched under the right-hander, we were repeatedly told by his contemporaries.In so strained strings played and bluesman Albert King. a child, Albert King tried to retrain on righties.Nothing happened, but there was the original style of play (King took a conventional right-handed guitar, the strings are not dragging, and played it with his left hand).

way, the web no problem to find a free guitar lesson especially for people with the leading left hand.