Hemerocallis belongs to the lily family of plants.Single flowering - a very entertaining feature of the plant.Each flower lives only one day, but the bloom lasts a long time due to the large number of buds on the stem.If planted different varieties from very early until late, the whole summer will continue picturesque blooming!Only it is important to take seriously the wintering daylily that year after year the plant pleased with its beauty.


daylily plant is very winter-hardy, it does not require difficult manipulations.You have to determine where to trim daylilies.For example, flower shoots should be removed immed
iately after flowering.If you receive a rainy autumn, after the wet withering flowers can remain on the stems, then cut them better.With leaves no hurry.Full pruning daylilies spend the winter in late autumn, as the leaves tend to remain green even in October-November.When they faded, cut the ground part of the plant.

Wintering daylily

Some semi-evergreen or evergreen daylilies decorative frosty winter can not move, so they will need for the prevention of shelter.But a variety adopt it will take the winter without your intervention is very easy!Think shelter daylilies, if the plant is planted in the fall of this year, then it will help the plant to adapt.Straw, sawdust, dry grass, tree branches, dry peat - it can serve as a shelter.

If during the cold season temperature reaches -35 degrees, daylilies need to prepare for the winter a little differently.In late November, dig up the rhizome daylily, move in a cold shelter in the spring again landed on a bed.

Just like daylilies to prepare for the winter, not for nothing that it is called a plant for the lazy.Still, do not neglect daylilies that spring they please you with their shoots!