you need
  • - worsted cotton or half-woolen yarn suitable thickness
  • - hook №2
start knit jacket underneath.He knits of separate squares that are held together in the process.
For a sample of a square knit chain of air loops 9 and close it in the ring.
1 row.2 loop beginning and 19 bars without nakida in the ring.Close polstolbikom number.
2 series.3 air loop start, 3 poles with nakida, 1 air loop, 2 column with nakida, the next column of the previous row 1 column tie with nakida, 7 stitches, and another column in the same loop.From the figure mark * repeat 3 times.Several complete, knit 2 column with nakida, 1 air loop, a column with 3 nakida, 7 stitches.Tear off the thread and woven into bars.
Schematic drawing of the jacket
Calculate the number of squares in width and height of each part.Starting
from the second square, everyone joins previous chain stitches in the middle of the side polstolbikom.Begin to knit the bottom of the back.Knit back straight, without the addition of loops to the line armholes.Then tie the required number of squares on the sleeves and knit to the neck so.To get the middle of neck work, mark it with a colored thread on both sides and one side of the knit.Attach the new boxes only on the sleeves, leaving free line of the neck.Thus knit 8 cm. Then begins the shelf, that is, you need to bind as many squares, how many were on the back of the neck in front vyvyazyvaniem.Knit so until armhole line, stop the squares attached to the sleeve and knit only shelf to the bottom line.After finishing the last row, tear off the thread and go back to the second half of the product.The second hand and the second half shelves knit similarly.
otparte jacket and tie bottoms, shelves, neck and sleeves columns with nakida.Enter the desired number of loops and knit pattern №1 to the armpit.Add the aerial loops along the length of the sleeve and continue to knit in the same way up to the neck.Dovyazav to the neck, divide the knitting in half and mark the middle of the thread of a different color.Aside from the mid-lengths equal to a quarter of the neck, and also check their knots.Reaching from the beginning of the series until the first node, turn crochet and knit the first arm.Knit 6 rows, type in the direction where you have left the center, the same loop as on the back of the place of the beginning to the middle of the sleeve, plus 10 loops on the clasp.Continue to knit the sleeves to the point of connection.Turn the knitting and knit the shelf to the bottom line.Tear off thread, tighten and go back to the second half of the neck.The second hand and the second shelf tally similarly.Close the sidelines, without nakida provyazyvaya column in the columns shelf and back simultaneously.Sew buttons.
bottom, sleeves and neck tie lace jacket scheme.
Approximate pattern jacket
start Knit Skirt with belt.For belt type chain of 20 stitches, knit belt columns without nakida to the desired length.Without closing the last loop, make a double belt.For this provyazyvate with columns one and the other edge.Dovyazav to the other end zone, close the knitting in the ring.Then knit columns without nakida adding every five rows evenly across 20 columns.
Bind so to the bottom of the skirt.Bottom trimmed with lace on the scheme.
Start with knit shirts.Make a calculation, enter the required number of chain stitches and lock it in a circle.Basic knitting shirts -stolbiki without nakida.Start knitting from underneath.Knit columns without nakida up to his armpits.Mark the places for strapless.Crochet straps type columns of the previous row 6 loops, turn the work and knit series of columns without nakida.Knit the same way to the desired length, and then tie strap on the other side without nakida shirts columns in the columns of the previous row.Similarly, do the second strap.