1. Spoke-wise loops and working thread should be in the left hand and the empty needle - on the right.The tip of the right spokes are threaded into the first loop on the needle in his left hand, from front to back.The tip of the needles in the right hand should be under the left needle.

  2. Working thread with your left hand jumped on the index finger.Then, the working thread engages the right needle in the direction from right to left.

  3. left hand is kept working the thread tension, and the right needle thread work extends through the loop on needle in his left hand.

  4. now on the right spoke, a new loop.Loop the last number of reset with the tip of the left spoke.It is worth noting that knit loops should be on the right spoke, unlike a number of typesetting.

All subsequent rows, start

ing from the second, when knitting the front surface of Knit be the same as the first row.

  1. Once you knit the entire series, it is necessary to turn the knitting.Spoke with knitting transferred to the left hand.

  2. Working thread should come out of the loop at.To do this, enter the right-hand needle into the first loop and knit a number of facial hinge.

learn to knit the front surface, can easily perform knitting stripes.

  1. crocheted fabrics performed facial loops of the front wall, with the shade of the thread should be changed every 2 rows, the thread in this case it is not necessary to break off.

    There is a second method of knitting the front surface of - the rear wall.In this case, the position of the fingers while knitting the front surface of the rear wall, exactly the same knitting the front: a bead string is removed in a subsequent loop is entered borehole from right to left, and took the thread with the index finger extends in a loop, then a new loop is transferred to theleft to right needle.

  2. Picking up the thread of another color, you need to knit using it an edge front loop.It is worth noting that this option belongs to the rare cases where a bead loop is not removed, and provyazyvaetsya.