you need
  • - colored fabric for the front side;
  • - a white cloth to the wrong side;
  • - sintepon for installation;
  • - elastic band width of 1-2 cm;
  • - Bias binding;
  • - ribbons, buttons, lace for decoration.
Prepare a piece of cloth to the front of the mask.It is better to use a cotton cloth, choosing such, which does not fall off the edge too much.Pick oblique Bakey and parts for decoration to match or contrast with the main pattern.To select the wrong side of white cotton.
Draw a mask on the paper.By applying it to the face, make a deeper or shallower cutout for the nose wider or narrower than the mask itself.Ready to move to the main pattern and a white cloth and a flap syntepon (can be used instead drape or o
ther thick cloth, but sintepon easier and hygroscopic).
Pattern the front of the mask.Cut out the basic fabric short tape, sew its short edges, then fold along the wrong side inside.Collect on a thread get a ring on the cut edges, prihvatyvaya just two layers of fabric.The length of silk ribbon to collect the thread, leaving free both ways.
Sew on the blank mask first "flower" of underlying tissue.At its center is a beautiful secure button on the leg.Around the bomber leg pull the ribbon.The free edges of the ribbon and secure trim.
Add all layers to mask blanks, sour cream on the live thread and sew seam "over the edge".In the same seam, attach to the edges of the elastic band.The length of the pick up, putting cleaved blank to the head.The tape should be just a little stretch and hold the mask over his ears, do not pinch.
Baste on the edge of the oblique Bakey.Sew a seam hiding it.Remove the gumption and otparte product.