As part of this trend in vogue once again includes rubber plants.And if before they gradually withered in clinics and public places, but now different varieties of figs and decorate living spaces and public.Ficus unpretentious and hardy, many believe that this plant is able to tame the aggression in people and inspire calm thoughts.The main thing - to avoid the rubber cultivation ficus.Its fumes can cause severe attacks in asthmatics.

If space allows, a good start Monstera.Its amazing carved leaves can reach a meter in length, and at the most basic care.The main thing - to support the plant and scattered light.By the way, owes

its name to the monstera is not poisonous.Two hundred or three hundred years ago, travelers are in the South American jungle skeletons pierced by spikes plants unknown to them.Thus was born the legend of the tree-killer.Though actually only aerial roots have sprouted through the decayed remains of the deceased person for another reason.So monsters Monstera only the name in common.

Another trendy green one person - a palm tree.Not too fanciful version, however, it is necessary to find its own approach.If the picture palm grows at the edge of the sea in the sun, it does not mean that all its types adore direct light, sand and moisture.One type of spraying is necessary, while others luxuriate in draining conditioned climate.So having defined a variety of palm trees (high or low, lush or not), carefully examine the question of maintenance.Suddenly loved by tree survives only in the tropics or the conditions of the winter garden with a microclimate?Incidentally, the possibility of rising palm trees - a key issue in the selection.It is easier to grow a date palm easy: put the bone in the ground - and care.Here are just a few years will have to cut through the ceiling, she was able to straighten up.

funny, but familiar to many Siberians fern in Europe recently breaking all sales records.And he called much more attractive - Nephrolepis.So do not rush to get rid of bored greens, and if you have not wound up fern house - try to plant trees and gardens flat for them.Nephrolepis is virtually maintenance free, hardy and fast growing with proper care.

But another popular plant should contact an experienced and very patient flower growers.Anthurium is not accidentally called flamingo flower.It is as beautiful as the whimsical, many species require meticulous reproductions of the climatic conditions of their homeland - South America.Special soil humidity, good lighting, timely transplant (young plants - each year, mature - every three years) - it is only the main conditions.And easy to damage the fragile leaves and pot the wrong size affect the likelihood of colors.Yes, even when spraying moisture should fall on the leaves and flowers - pass.But the care and patience answer anthurium beautiful appearance.