When it became known that plants have different perceptions of the individual parts of the light spectrum, scientists have developed a so-called phyto-lamp.This device emits a necessary and sufficient for the intensity and spectrum of light for the plants.This blue and red edges of the visible light spectrum in a particular ratio.Plants enough about 40-20% of blue light and red 60-80%.To the human eye is purple light.And the fact that the plants in it appear black or dark gray, meaning that they actually absorb all the light, and do not reflect it.

emergence and mass distribution of LED technology has made it possible to grow high-grade plants, even in the darkest areas.Phyto-LED lamp
you can buy or make your own, reducing the financial costs.


LEDs LEDs come in different capacities - from negligible to 50-100 watts and Bole.LEDs emit a large amount of energy in the form of heat which must be removed from the crystallite.Therefore it is impossible to make a large single crystal - he immediately overheat and melt.The efficient heat removal even need power LED 1W.Therefore, buying LEDs, no need to chase the excess capacity.Distribute it to the lamp should be like in the solar spectrum: 40-20% of power - on blue and 60-80% - at red lights.

Selecting PSU

choosing a PSU, it should be noted that the low-power LEDs with a current of 300-700 mA demand on the body voltage of 2-3 volts.This means that the power supply must be designed for the higher rates of stress, for example, 12-14 B. The LEDs should be connected in series to the desired voltage with a margin of about 10% in order to avoid overloading of the crystals.So, for the power supply unit 24 is better to take a dozen LEDs rated at 2.4 V, 9 V and not

can take and drivers - the special power supply provided with the current stabilizer and designed for specific types of LEDs.This unit will pick up on their own power to provide the necessary current to the LED circuit you collected.Using the driver will provide good protection in the event of a lamp overvoltage.As the lamp housing can be used an aluminum pan 20 x 30 cm or similar product made of thick metal, promotes good teplootvedeniyu.